Upleveling Your Vitality with Dr. Yoshi Rahm #001

Season #1

In this episode of "Health to Vitality", Matt discusses the key elements of creating Vitality with Dr. Yoshi Rahm of Oasis Family Medicine. Dr. Yoshi is Board Certified Osteopathic Family Physician with a separate board certification in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. He is always on the cutting edge of alternative modalities to support the body to optimize its ability to create Vitality!

Oasis Family Medicine: https://www.oasisfamilymedicine.com/

Yoshi's Top 8 Variables to Optimize Resiliency & Vitality
1- Drink Right
2- Poop Right
3- Sleep Right 
4- Move Right 15:20
6- Breathe Right 21:38
7- Nature Right 25:20
8- Think & Speak Right
9- Eat Right 31:38

Supplementation 39:20

Extra Modalities to Consider 55:45

Other Helpful Treatments 56:52

Episode References:

Dr. Gerald Pollack on Structured Water

3M Micropore Mouth Taping

Quinton Multi Mineral

Life Extensions - Zinc with Copper