Why You Shouldn't Strive to be "Mentally Healthy" #002

Season #1

In today’s episode I am joined with a dear friend and colleague Josh Guerrero

Josh earned a Psychology Degree with an emphasis on Behavioral Neuroscience from California State University North, an Associates of Arts degree in Social & Behavioral Science, an Associates of Science degree in Physical & Biological Science and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Josh has spent the first part of his life serving his country as an anti-terrorism specialist in the U.S. Navy and deployed later for the Department of Defense & Homeland Security. After serving in the Navy, Josh started his own business as a coach and consultant and is currently pursuing his nursing degree.

We will discussing the Why You Shouldn’t be Striving to be “Mentally Healthy” and the dangers of pursuing “mental health”. We share and discuss our experiences learning and growing together throughout our deep dives in the study of psychology, personal development, neuroscience, and coaching.

Specifically we will be sharing what we have found to be the 3 Most Dangerous Frameworks that are currently practiced and promoted in many personal development circles and give you scientifically grounded principles and tools that will empower and partner you with yourself to life a life of vitality!

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